Viloft® Short Cut - for flushable wet wipes!

To avoid clogged household pipes and major problems at municipal waste-water treatment plants caused by the increasing share of wipes (e.g. moist toilet tissue or toddler training wipes), INDA / EDANA has defined in detail when a wipe can be considered flushable. Meeting these requirements is a tightrope walk between the strength of the wipe during use and its fast and complete dispersion right after.

Viloft® Short Cut enables – in combination with modern production technology – the manufacture of wet wipes that meet the requirements of the flushability guidelines and are at the same time soft, highly absorbent and strong.

Thanks to its flat cross section, Viloft® offers a large surface and therefore sufficient bonding area to lock in other cellulosic fibres such as pulp. At the same time, the crenelated fibre surface and the fibre’s specific stiffness properties provide a broad target area that can be efficiently attacked by water on flushing and lead to a more efficient dispersion of the tissue.

Viloft® awarded as Lighthouse Project of the Umweltcluster Bayern

Technical Datasheet Viloft® SC

Datasheet Evaluation Slosh Box

Datasheet Evaluation Pump Test

Datasheet Evaluation Sewer System Field Test

Learn more about Viloft® Shortcut for flushable solutions in this film.

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