VILOFT® Branding-Programm

All VILOFT® garments create outstanding wearer comfort. Fabric construction and blend ratio can be used to achieve various special fabric properties with VILOFT®, such as quick moisture transport for sports and active wear, thermal insulation for underwear which is not bulky or light, airy fabrics for soft, flowing fashionwear. Our VILOFT® fibres can be used in 100% form or in blends with many other fibres. Tell us about your special application. We will be happy to support you with our technical recommendations. In addition, we provide support for VILOFT® with a comprehensive branding programme. VILOFT® is an established brand which is wellknown by garment manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike and has become synonymous with premium quality.

We offer:

* VILOFT® tags
* retail promotion
* PR work
* merchandising
* technical support

Branding Programm:

Download the branding program